About BumpMama

BumpMama is the result of one woman’s dream. A dream, that as it turns out, so many of us share. We want to birth in a way that respects our bodies. We want to honor our wombs. We want to give our babies the best start in life we possibly can. We desire a birth that will literally make us feel the transformation into motherhood. The rush of adrenaline when we see those two pink lines tells us this is something to celebrate, and it doesn’t stop there.


Those flutters in our belly connect us to our child. The pain of transition brings forth the most instinctual and primal purpose we’ve ever felt. And we want to truly experience it! Birth is no longer something to fear. Truthfully, it never was.


We encourage you to reclaim your bodily autonomy. Take back your birth, mama! And we can help! BumpMama aims to present evidence-based information to moms who need it. Because if you aren’t informed, it’s not informed consent.


What does that mean exactly? It means we get it. You’re busy. You don’t have a lot of free time, and don’t need the judgement about how you spend it on the sofa binge-watching Netflix. But even if you had the time to spare, you may not necessarily have the desire to break down a medical journal. While the media touts that birth is dangerous and your family and friends insist it has to happen for you the same way it happened for them, something inside of you is telling you they’re wrong. It’s time to find out why.