America’s Next Civil Rights Movement Has Arrived

Dare I say a war is bubbling to the surface, and it’s right here on our own soil. California’s Governor Gavin Newsom signed SB276 and its trailer bill SB714 Monday evening, which brought many parents in protest of the bill (some literally) to their knees. The battle to fight this bill has been a long and treacherous one. Parents of medically fragile children are concerned that it intrudes upon the private doctor-patient relationship. Indeed, it does.


Passing this bill means doctors will no longer have final authority over medical exemptions from vaccinations. Instead, it will be government-appointed employees that get to declare whether a child’s health concerns or that of their immediate family members, meet the limited contraindications set forth by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. These contraindications include anaphylaxis, encephalitis, and death. A current investigation is pending that involves reviewing existing medical exemptions in the state of California, and not a single fraudulent exemption has been found thus far.


Robert Kennedy, Jr. — a famed attorney, environmentalist and champion for human rights — gave a moving speech in California yesterday that ignited passion and fury in the people of California. Rightfully so. These citizens aren’t going to stand for government encroachment on their medical freedom.


As many of you know, this is a topic close to my heart. Americans, you should be prepared to witness history in the making. It’s happening right now. In 2019, parents are being strongarmed into giving their children medications they disagree with. From controversial cancer treatments to allegedly preventative medicine like vaccines, the issue alone isn’t questioning the value, efficacy or worth of these interventions, but questioning whose hands these decisions should be in.


If parents are unable to hold pharmaceutical manufacturers liable when their child suffers from a vaccine injury, then parents must be given solid choices for opting out of vaccination. We cannot continue to exist as a society of brothers and sisters on the front lines if we expect some children to be sacrificed for the alleged “greater good.”


Sit tight California, you have a nation fighting back with you, and we won’t be silenced. From all of us at the BumpMama team, we are with you in spirit.









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