Meet Mama

Get to know Dani Lasher — the woman behind bumpmama

Hey Mama! I’m Dani Lasher.



I’m a mom of four who loves sushi and snowstorms, and I’m completely infatuated with childbirth and motherhood. I’m a big fan of dreams that come true and I’ve made most of mine into reality—particularly where motherhood is concerned. I’m here to help you do the same.



Back in the day, I was just your average teenage mom. Oh yeah, you read that right. Unprepared for what life was about to throw at me, I made some great lemonade out of the lemons of those early years. But birth fascinated me from the start. I thought I knew it all. I read all the books (all the books the mainstream parenting market threw at me anyway). I chatted with moms in support groups. In fact, it was during my second pregnancy that I started my very first support network for pregnant moms. I was a wee bit obsessed, but just look at what it led me to.



That first support network some 15 years ago helped me build a life full of birth and beauty that was beyond my wildest dreams. The funny thing is, I still went through the motions for years. I tackled college, starting out as a Journalism major but ultimately earning my BA in Psychology (always wanting to help it turns out and somehow convinced I wouldn’t be able to do so as “just a writer”), and jumping right into a career in my field—curating marketing content and spinning the narrative on research that would feed potential clients to healthcare systems.



It took a few short years for me to figure out that the career I mapped my twenties around wasn’t for me—at all. I wasn’t meant to spend my days informing people halfway and leading them toward paths of treatment that may not even be in their best interest. Seriously, it just wasn’t “well with my soul,” as they say.



So I cut the corporate cord. I started over. My maternity leave really was me leaving to go be a mother. I did it without any plan in mind of what was going to happen next. In the next nine months that followed (I kid you not, it really was nine months until I was offered my next “dream job”), I focused on mothering the kids I had at the time—one a newborn. Then, opportunity knocked.



It came in the form of a position as a contributor for a prominent motherhood website. My only demand was that they allow me to speak my truth. They agreed. It was a great partnership for the next few years, and it led to contributing roles on several other major websites. I was thrilled to be a voice for mothers, and amazed and humbled every time I saw my articles getting millions of views. This was it. I’d made it. Or so I thought.



Then, reality struck. As generally happens with the mainstream media, the powers that be began to silence a lot of the topics I loved to speak about that really connected with my readers. I’ll never understand the harm in being open and honest with people.



So I did it again. Never underestimate the power of a woman who can reinvent herself. Baby number four was on his way and I jumped ship again. I started over—again. Now, at this point, I was already running a content firm on the side, and I’d been running two of the largest natural birth and natural parenting support groups on Facebook for years (with a group of amazing women).



I’m sitting here right now staring at my brick patio. This is the same patio that I was sitting on last summer when I asked myself, “How can I reach more women?” How could I go beyond what these other websites were allowing me to say and really speak the truth? I’d have to do it on my own. Alas, here I am.



I don’t birth from a place of fear. I don’t mother from a place a fear. So, I’m not afraid to share with the masses how I do both and why. And you shouldn’t be either. Together, we can get you there, too. Are you ready to be fearless, mama? It’s okay; you’ve got this!